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Daniel Blumberg (UK)

It has always been our duty to try to book for AMFest the artist that we loved most during the year. And "Minus", by Daniel Blumberg, literally blew us away. It sounds like a classic already. It hurts and excites at the same time. It's intense and sounds like truth. As if, in 2019, all the music we listen to is a big lie and ... + Info

Tides of Man (USA)

A band that loses its singer and decides to move on to the instrumental path, is a friend of ours. Always.  The new "life" of Tides of Man, beginning in 2014 with Young and Courageous, is the most interesting to us: progressive rock, some dreamy emo hints, and a live show people say great things about. It will be their first ... + Info

Ainara LeGardon (EUS)

It isn't easy for us to write about Ainara LeGardon: she is a friend, a mentor, a teacher, one of our favorite artists and we have been lucky enough to share space and time with her over the past years. She is a complete, complex, challenging and committed artist, knowing how to dominate silence more than anybody else, as well ... + Info

Foscor (BCN)

History is full of bands who need to go beyond our borders (labels, festivals, tours) to find some light in the music industry. Take Foscor: their first album, "Les Irreals Visions" was released by Season of Mist and their booking is currently managed by Doomstar Booking. A few months ahead of the release of their long-awaited ... + Info

Los Sara Fontán (BCN)

Being a violin player means knowing clearly what Itzhak Perlman once said: "If you practice something slowly, you forget it slowly”. This might be one of the reasons Sara Fontán has waited so long to go solo for, after 25 years of playing the violin and exploring all kinds of styles and formats, from classical music to ... + Info


What Jose Crypta, AKA JJOS, does can't be labeled as just "drone". That would be too simple, and wouldn't take into account the singularity of what JJOS creates. Do you dare to find it out yourself? + Info


Put together members of bands like Exxasens, Sons Of Meteora, Icebend or Red mosquitos . Add some hints of beloved bands like At the Drive-In, The Raconteurs, Arcane Roots, Death from Above 1979. Finish it off with the excitement brought by finally being able to get together after a long time. The outcome is Lume!   Vo... + Info

Puntalaberinto (ESP)

Puntalaberinto (Patricia Usero, 1981, Huesca) has been diving in the underground of modular synths and DIY instruments creation for more than 10 years now.  Mystery, suspense, drama and darkness are key to her live shows. She has written pieces for and/or played live in places like Centro Dramático Nacional Teatro Valle ... + Info

Myōboku (BCN)

One of Barcelona's best kept secrets, the new project of Oscar Garrobé (Ljubliana and the Seawolf) and Marina Herlop has just been launched live, while the first album is being created as we write. We have been lucky enough to listen to a sneak preview and it's simply brilliant! More news to come soon!   + Info

Nerobambola (BCN)

Also known as Ada Colau Trio (from the Mayor of Barcelona), these brats are able to do whatever they want with their instruments, which makes it difficult for us to label them within a defined genre. Built upon improvisation and led by the most unpredictable instincts, they move between symphonic rock, shoegaze and decadent ... + Info