Bands 2019

Pelican (USA)

It's been ages since Pelican started off playing music in their DIY studios of Chicago. Between post-rock and post-metal, they are one of the most important bands to understand this music. "Nighttime stories" (2019), it's their comeback album which will turn into a classic like City Echoes (2007) and other gems of their discography. After ... + Info

Zeal & Ardor (SWI)

There we were, as always, at ArcTanGent (UK), one of our favorites. They started the show without soundchecking and  "Devil is Fine" kicked off. What happened over the next hour was something mystical - as we were looking to each other feeling that something special was going on. We already liked their albums but that show made us clear we ... + Info

Alcest (FRA)

Sitting between metal and el shoegaze Alcest, have made themselves a name with a very peculiar sound and a brilliant carrier so far, from their very beginning up to "Shelter" (2014), a brilliant album who marked a shift in their sound that old fans accepted very positively. Their music is an emotional trip and it gets crazy when witnessed ... + Info

Deafheaven (USA)

They started off as a duo but, by the time we discovered them, Deafheaven already was a 5-piece band, one of the most terrific and intense bands of the American post-metal scene.  When in 2013 "Sunbather" came out, we were all shocked. We can't think of a more complete album in terms of powerful sounds, sharp vocals and impossible rhythmic ... + Info

Touché Amoré (USA)

They are one of the (maybe THE?) most important bands of the new wave of bands who mix post-hardcore, screamo and a bit of post-rock. Together with La Dispute or Pianos Become the Teeth, Touché Amoré have written beautiful songs with raw and powerful lyrics which allowed them to connect with a part of society unhappy with the current ... + Info

12Twelve (BCN)

For those of you who might not know who 12Twelve are, you couldn't think of experimental and instrumental music in Spain without putting them in the equation. They will be back after a 10-year hiatus. They will be back at the festival that wouldn't exist if it weren't for them. AMFest was born from their ashes as well as most of the ... + Info

Daughters (USA)

"You won't get what you want" (Ipecac, 2018) could easily be the soundtrack of the end of the world as we know it. Chaos, volume up to eleven, industrial sounds and, above all, the lyrics and voice of Alexis S.F. Marshall. Daughters, born in 2002, came back after a hiatus in 2018, making it to the headlines of many media around the world. ... + Info

Lisabö (EUS)

The news broke leaving us speechless: in a few hours, Lisabö would publish their new album. What?? "Eta Edertasunaren Lorratzetan Bilutzu Ginen" is the mircale of 2019. It's truth, energy, pain, rawness, pureness, rock. They are one of the most important bands ever existed in our country and we have been dreaming to bring them back to ... + Info

Bo Ningen (Japan)

Following the tradition of Japanese bands performing at AMFest (Mono, Lite), in 2019 we are switching from instrumental music to the art-rock and noise of Bo Ningen, an amazing band we haven't seen in Spain for years now. Their music draws the attention for its almost impossible-to-believe union kinds of music coming from every corner of the ... + Info

The Album Leaf (USA)

Recorded at the Sigur Rós-owned Sundlaugin Studios, "In a safe place" (2004, SubPop) is one of the most amazing albums ever recorded by Jimmy LaValle as The Album Leaf, an experimental album that shuffles your senses and makes all your feelings come out. Without any doubt, a colorful and unique musical vision, of the greatest albums of his ... + Info