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Mono (Jap)

Writing about legendary bands is never an easy task. Since 1999, Mono has been leaving their footprint in music, achieving a personal and unique style, from experimental ambient, to classical music to shoegaze, taking forever a privileged spot in instrumental music all over the world. Their live show will blow you away. They ... + Info

My Sleeping Karma (Ger)

This is another one we owed you. In 2016 we had to cancel their show just a few hours before they went on stage due to health issues. Since then, we have worked hard to bring them back to our festival. My Sleeping Karma will bring us instrumental rock full of stoner and psychedelic riffs for those who love fuzz and mind travel. ... + Info

Emma Ruth Rundle (USA)

Both song-writer and visual artist, Emma Ruth Rundle has stolen a piece of our heart with everything she has done, from Red Sparrowes to Marriages or with her latest solo project, which began with the awesome "Some heavy ocean". Amazing tracks, imaginary worlds apparently about to fall apart, music for souls coming from a ... + Info

A Storm of Light (USA)

Good news for fans of post-metal and industrial! A Storm of Light, formed in New York in 2008, and leaded by Josh Graham (Red Sparrowes and head of visuals of Neurosis), will come back in 2018 with an European tour that will bring them to AMFest. Their last time in Barcelona was at primavera Sound in 2012 and that was loud! We ... + Info

Giardini di Mirò (It)

When AMFest was still known as Aloud Music Festival, back in 2013, we wanted to say thanks to those great instrumental bands that changed our lives. Giardini di Mirò was one of them. Their first 3 albums, Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting (Homesleep, 2001), Punk... Not Diet! (Homesleep/2nd rec, 2003 and Dividing ... + Info

Soup (Nor)

One of our goals has always been to try to book for the festival the band whose album was our favorite of the past year. We wish we could do that every year though! In 2017, the Norway-base band Soup released "Remedies", their seventh album, and he left us KO from the first note. Their stratospheric rock, ambient and ... + Info

Jo Quail (UK)

Last year Marina Herlop gave us an example of how quickly experimental neoclassical music is growing in Europe. And we love it! That’s why we wanted Jo Quail to join AMFest this year – she is a worldwide-recognized cello player that will perform for the first time ever in Spain. When we found out about her, thanks to the ... + Info

Playback Maracas (BCN)

Last year, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with the venue, they had to cut their set before finishing it. Right there and then, we swore to ourselves that they would be the first confirmed band of 2018. It hasn’t been easy, but nothing is impossible when both parts want the same thing! We love having fun and ... + Info

Sofa (EUS)

From Zarautz/Zumaia, near San Sebastián, this three-piece band shows that math-rock has gone far and that AMFest can't stop giving space to a genre that has always had lots of space in our festival. Their album "II" brings to us a band that's constantly evolving, complex structures, space for dancing and surprising sounds. ... + Info

Mono (Jap)

Sempre impressiona escriure sobre una banda llegendària. Des de 1999, Mono han deixat petjada al món de la música aconseguint un estil propi i inconfusible, a partir d'unes referències que van des de l’ambient experimental, la música clàssica o el shoegaze, per quedar-se amb un lloc privilegiat a l'escena instrumental ... + Info