Giardini di Mirò (It)

When AMFest was still known as Aloud Music Festival, back in 2013, we wanted to say thanks to those great instrumental bands that changed our lives. Giardini di Mirò was one of them. Their first 3 albums, Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting (Homesleep, 2001), Punk… Not Diet! (Homesleep/2nd rec, 2003 and Dividing Opinions (Homesleep/2nd rec, 2007), were key in our way of understanding post-rock and, 20 years after their release, we still consider the Italian band as one of the most influent bands that has ever existed in Europe in this genre.

We think that celebrating new beginnings with old friends is always a good idea. Their show in 2013 magic and still gives us goosebumps. In this new era of AMFest, we wanted them to come and giveus their blessings. On Sunday 14th of October, they will be here, together with The Notwist, Emma Ruth Rundle and Lisa Morgenstern to be part of the most emotional day of the festival, ever.

Siamo carichi!