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Owen (USA)

If you love music-driven emotions, you might have (or soon will) connected at some point with the music and lyrics of  Owen, the solo project of  Mike Kinsella, known as the leader of American Football - who has also played in bands like Cap'n Jazz or Joan Of Arc. All essential moments of American indie-rock. The ... + Info

Caligula’s Horse (AUS)

Even though prog rock in Spain is trademark of our friends of Madness Live and the main European festival is BeProg! My Friend, we now and then like to open your mind to bands (like we did in 2016 with Leprous) that belong to that complex, and still partially unknown to us, world. From Australia, Caligula's Horse will be ... + Info

Za! (BCN)

Not to show off, but we are always proud to say that we have seen Za!'s members in the first row at ur festival many times, having the time of their lives. In 2016 they got on stage to close that edition and we made plans of having them playing every year at AMFest. Obviously, we didn't keep to that promise in 2017 but this ... + Info

Lisa Morgenstern (GER)

Lisa Morgenstern is a German / Bulgarian pianist, singer and composer. Scheduled for release in late 2018, Chameleon finds her taking dramatic strides to expand her range, matching her far-sighted approach to both synths and piano with her background in classical music. Recorded in collaboration with Berlin based, Argentinian ... + Info

La Son (BCN)

Created by the genius mind of  Sergio Pardo (previously in The Last 3 Lines), La Son is a 4-piece instrumental band where music, lights, and visuals go hand in hand. This show is a tribute to monsters of classic horror movies and their music brings us to the sound of good old soundtracks, together with visuals that will stun ... + Info

Jaime L. Pantaleón (BCN)

He doesn't need any introduction. He will perform at AMFest for the first time, after going on stage with Cuzo in 2013 and Gambardella in 2016. His new album, "E.N.T.E.", released by Long Live Records shows us the most electronic and experimental side of an artist without whom we couldn't imagine the scene in Barcelona. ... + Info

Ralp (BCN)

The day we saw him at Modular Day 2017 in Barcelona he ripped us to shreds.  Experimental, electronic, modular synths and science-fiction enthusiast, he played a half-hour set that brought back feelings that we thought had left our bodies. That was one of the reasons that made us invite our friends of Befaco to curate ... + Info

iou3R (BCN)

Maresme, noise, ex-(lo:muêso). + Info

Za! (BCN)

No ens agrada presumir, però sempre ens agrada comentar que hem vist els membres de Za! a les primeres fileres del nostre festival més d'una vegada, i això ens fa sentir orgullosos. El 2016 van pujar per fi a l'escenari i va ser un pitote monumental. Vam decidir que serien els nostres Shellac i tocarien cada any. Al ... + Info

Owen (USA)

Qualsevol persona que li agradi emocionar-se amb la música hi haurà connectat en algun moment, o ho farà en un futur, amb les lletres i sons d'Owen, projecte en solitari de Mike Kinsella, conegut per liderar American Football i haver estat a bandes com Cap'n Jazz o Joan Of Arc. Tota la seva carrera està plena de moments ... + Info