Bands 2018

Sofa (EUS)

From Zarautz/Zumaia, near San Sebastián, this three-piece band shows that math-rock has gone far and that AMFest can't stop giving space to a genre that has always had lots of space in our festival. Their album "II" brings to us a band that's constantly evolving, complex structures, space for dancing and surprising sounds. We have seen ... + Info

La Son (BCN)

Created by the genius mind of  Sergio Pardo (previously in The Last 3 Lines), La Son is a 4-piece instrumental band where music, lights, and visuals go hand in hand. This show is a tribute to monsters of classic horror movies and their music brings us to the sound of good old soundtracks, together with visuals that will stun us all. The ... + Info

Jaime L. Pantaleón (BCN)

He doesn't need any introduction. He will perform at AMFest for the first time, after going on stage with Cuzo in 2013 and Gambardella in 2016. His new album, "E.N.T.E.", released by Long Live Records shows us the most electronic and experimental side of an artist without whom we couldn't imagine the scene in Barcelona. + Info

Ralp (BCN)

The day we saw him at Modular Day 2017 in Barcelona he ripped us to shreds.  Experimental, electronic, modular synths and science-fiction enthusiast, he played a half-hour set that brought back feelings that we thought had left our bodies. That was one of the reasons that made us invite our friends of Befaco to curate part of the ... + Info

Linalab (BCN)

Linalab is a multiple singularity, it’s a whole and unity, it’s a solitary sound, a note, a frequency that when remains in time becomes more complex, becomes entangled, becomes noise, melody, song and then, silence. She composed her first work, Ecliptica, inside a telescope imitating its shape, but instead of superimposing lenses to ... + Info

Amsia (EUS)

Trying to define, musically vivisection somebody is one of those absurd and impossible tasks with no real sense in it: drone, ambient, techno, experimental, noise... Tags of tags, far from the true reason and meaning of it. AMSIA... visceral, immersive, distant and, at the same time, biting your neck as a collar of piranha-pearls that ... + Info

iou3R (BCN)

Maresme, noise, ex-(lo:muêso). + Info