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Zeal & Ardor (USA)

Y allí estábamos como siempre en el ArcTanGent (UK), uno de nuestros favoritos. Sònia, Albert, Sergio ... no estábamos todas pero estamos seguras que hubieran sentido lo mismo. Salieron a uno de los escenarios medianos sin probar sonido y comenzó a sonar "Devil is Fine". Lo que pasó durante la siguiente hora fue algo ... + Info

Alcest (Fra)

Entre el metal y el shoegaze están Alcest, una banda francesa de sonido reconocible y con una carrera absolutamente brillante y rica en matices. Desde sus inicios oscuros hasta ese "Shelter" (2014), un álbum impresionante y que ofreció un cambio de registro que los fans acogieron con gusto, su música es un viaje emocional ... + Info

Touché Amoré (USA)

Son sin duda una de las bandas (¿la banda?) de la década más importantes de la nueva hornada surgida mezclando post-hardcore con screamo y toques de post-rock. Junto a contemporáneos como La Dispute o Pianos Become the Teeth, la banda americana ha escrito una página brillante llena de textos crudos y descarnados que tocan ... + Info

Deafheaven (USA)

Empezaron como duo pero cuándo supimos de ellos ya eran uno de los quintetos más intensos y brutales de la escena post-metal americana. Cuándo en 2013, tras varios cambios en la formación (bendito Daniel Tracy a la batería!) llegó "Sunbather" nos pilló a todos con el pie cambiado. Resulta difícil imaginar un disco más ... + Info

Mono (Jap)

Writing about legendary bands is never an easy task. Since 1999, Mono has been leaving their footprint in music, achieving a personal and unique style, from experimental ambient, to classical music to shoegaze, taking forever a privileged spot in instrumental music all over the world. Their live show will blow you away. They ... + Info

The Notwist (Ger)

Sometimes we dream of booking for our festival those bands we play on the radio when we are on tour with our bands or just traveling with our families. Most of the times, it doesn’t work out. But sometimes, it does. The Notwist is just perfect for this year’s AMFest. On Sunday afternoon, closing the festival, representing ... + Info

65daysofstatic (UK)

65DaysOfStatic is one of the bands that re-invented the idea of post-rock for us. Think and play out of the box, break the rules, add to their music sounds that were almost forbidden in post-rock. They evolved into a more complex band, got to create a videogame soundtrack in 2016 – ‘Music for an Infinite Universe’ and ... + Info

Amenra (Bel)

In a world where urgency always wins and we leave behind moments that should be forever, it's fascinating to observe the career of bands like Amenra, showing the power of work done with care, no rush and growing step by step. They have been releasing chapters of "Mass" since 2003. In 2017, its 6th volume turned them into a ... + Info

Toundra (Mad)

Toundra certainly is one of the most important instrumental rock bands in Europe. Having already played ArcTanGent and Dunk!Festival and toured Europe over and over again, it’s no secret that their show is a unique experience. Fans of different genres gather to enjoy their music and we are happy to have them back at AMFest ... + Info

Owen (USA)

If you love music-driven emotions, you might have (or soon will) connected at some point with the music and lyrics of  Owen, the solo project of  Mike Kinsella, known as the leader of American Football - who has also played in bands like Cap'n Jazz or Joan Of Arc. All essential moments of American indie-rock. The ... + Info