Los Sara Fontán (BCN)

Being a violin player means knowing clearly what Itzhak Perlman once said: «If you practice something slowly, you forget it slowly”. This might be one of the reasons Sara Fontán has waited so long to go solo for, after 25 years of playing the violin and exploring all kinds of styles and formats, from classical music to experimental rock, going through electronic music and ballet.

Her violin, amplified, looped and passed through tons of pedals and effects, will give you the goosebumps.

Either solo or together with Edi Pou (from Za!) at the percussions, Sara Fontán puts the soundtracks to wherever your mind is, allowing you to give her music the meaning you feel in that very moment.

Over the last two years, Sara Fontán has played in many European countries, visiting international festivals such as Tremor Açores, Sound Isidro Madrid, LEM Barcelona, Norpas Finland or Keroxen Canarias as well as staying close to the DIY world (from Liceo Mutante in Pontevedra to Kastanienkeller in Berlin).