Eevee (NL)

When we warned you that AMFest wanted to break the mold, we were especially talking about ourselves, about the cages we self-trapped ourselves into when it comes to this «instrumental music» thing.

From Holland, Eevee is a beatmaker whose followers on social media is growing non-stop.  She produces new music every now and then and her EP, «Seeds«, brought her to our festival.  She says about her music: «I like that it gives me peace it brings me to another world. I can’t explain it really it just feels fine. I really like to work with samples and make something new with it.» There is no better definition of it. Eevee’smusic has the magical power to take you to unknown lands where calm and peace seem to put on hold the crazy pattern of Western life.

If you don’t know her yet, it’s time to do it. Enjoy.